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Light Up Shoes for Toddlers – Why You Need to Get Quality Ones

Light Up Shoes for Toddlers - Get the best for your Toddler!

Owning a pair of Light Up Shoes for Toddlers is fantastic! Toddlers fall in love with them and whether it’s the park, home, even birthday parties, no matter where they go, they get hours of entertainment out of the shoes. Parents also get a kick out of the Light Up Shoes. They see the shoes as motivation to tear their child away from a TV screen and get them outside and active while they enjoy their Light Up Shoes.

Light Up Shoes for Toddlers, though, are electronic. The potential for problems, as with most any electronic product, is real. LED lights can stop shining, the battery can dry out, the charger can stop working. Do a little research so when you finally decide to get your first pair of LED Shoes, you are purchasing the highest quality shoe you can. 


There are a couple factors to consider as you are looking over the styles of LED Shoes. First and foremost, what is your particular style? What colors and designs do you prefer? Maybe a particular brand? Are you purchasing the Light Up Shoes for a special occasion? What about clothes. What color and design will go with the clothes you wear?

Most Light Up Shoes for Toddlers brands offer enough variance to make the purchaser quite happy. This allows you to truly consider the LED Shoe’s construction and fit as you are also contemplating style and fashion. There are a few online stores that offer LED Shoes, there are even a few stores at your local mall that do the same. Lighting Shoes (us), we have some great ones. Check them out here: Light Up Shoes for Toddlers.


As with any shoe purchase, the sole is where it’s at. A comfortable sole goes a long way. An uncomfortable sole, regardless of the style and design, can truly ruin a good thing. The sole of the shoe must be flexible. It needs to be able to withstand feet to pavement, time and time again. It needs to be able to withstand warm weather. Because of the Light Up Shoes for Toddlers make, the lights are built into the sole. This means the sole needs to last long. You do not want the LED lights looking strange as the sole quickly wears out, so a good sole is key. As you purchase your shoe, check its components. PVC rubber soles are the way to go.


Along with a good sole, this is the key component of the Light Up Shoe. Most Light Up Shoes for Toddlers come with a rechargeable battery. Those of you who have experience with rechargeables know that after a few charges, the batteries seem to lose their staying power. This is why you may want to simply go with long-lasting batteries. They keep the shoe lit for up to 9 hours. Also know, LED Shoes come with an ON/OFF switch, which can help conserve battery power. Choose the LED Shoe brand that ensures the shoe and equipment perform as promised.


With all the sole and battery talk, shoe comfort should be number one on your list. When you are in a store, trying on shoes is easy. But when you order online and receive your shoe, be sure to try them on before fully committing to them.


With any electronics, you never want to put them in the dryer or leave outside in the heat. The same applies to the Light Up Shoes. If you happen to go with the rechargeable shoes, don’t leave them on the charger longer than necessary. Over charging can lead to shorter battery life. Another extreme temperature to avoid would be rain or water of any kind. Again, these are electronic shoes, water is not their friend.


A clean shoe is a nice shoe. Avoid putting these shoes in the washing machine or dunking them in water. A damp cloth is the best way to keep your LED Shoes clean.

Light Up Shoes are great for parties, school fun, and even as an every-day accessory. They start conversations and pique curiosity. They allow your fashion sense and style to shine brightly. Search wisely for your LED Shoe as it will be a long-lasting companion for fun.

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