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28 Quotes That'll Help You Have More Fun In Life

Life's hectic. Work, exercise, school, kids, chores, errands... It's easy to let the time slip and get to the of your week wondering where it all went.
We reached out to people of all walks of life from stay-at-home-moms to dancers to psychologists to ask them: how can we have more fun in our lives.
Here's what they wrote:

"How to have more fun?: Try something new, preferrably something offbeat. Do it often."

Janis Isaman,

"How to have fun: Go swing dancing! The basic steps are easy to learn, and

it's a blast to twirl to the energetic music. Where I live, the swing dance
culture is that everybody dances with everybody, so it's great for both
singles and couples. You get to meet a lot of people in a relaxed
environment. Even if you arrive tired or stressed, you end up smiling. "

Jill Whitney LMFT,

"I am a health and wellness life coach and have taught latin and bollywood
dance. I often suggest dance in my one-one sessions with my clients. It doesn't matter how good you think you are. What's important to your
body and your spirit is that you move! I've seen dance actually change people's lives and build confidence in children."

Chelcie Porter, 

"Everyone should dance! Moving to music is good for every part of you from your toes to your soul. Learning new skills, making new friends, working together with a partner, then showing it off for others to admire - it’s all life-affirming, youth-giving, joyfully addictive, challenging and more fun than anything I’ve ever done - and I’ve led a pretty experience-filled life. I wish I had started decades ago and I’ll dance as long as I can hear the music."

Sarah Wiles, 

"Fun, exercise, daily meditation, laughter, and meaningful conversation are what makes you truly beautiful. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the fun of makeup and fashion, but I’ve come to know in my years that beauty radiates from the inside."

Christina Flach,

"There are lots of news these days that may bring us down. One of the easiest ways to stay up and have more fun is to surround yourself with light-hearted, laugh-producing reminders."

Allen Klein,

"The universe will always try to put you in a direction where magic can happen and you life will be abundant. But too many people resist the universe due to a false sense of fear. Say yes to the universe and you'll be amazed at what can happen."

Thomas Unise,

"It's simple: forget about your age and just try the thing, buy the bolder color, drive thru the puddle, jump in the ballpit."

Alycia Yerves,

"We're taught that having fun is selfish, but Helen Keller really nailed it
when she said that the world is so full of care and sorrow that it is a
gracious debt we owe to one another to discover the bright crystals of
delight hidden in somber circumstances and irksome tasks. It's our duty to
have fun. Far from being selfish, our delight delights those around us. So,
however out of practice we are, we just have to take our responsibility
seriously and do whatever it takes to have fun, put it on our to-do lists,
make it a priority."

Gayla Groom,

"To have more fun in your life, create a list of the craziest, most outrageous things you want to achieve, and start doing them. For example, I'm itching to do another road trip. In 2007 I drove from Puerto Vallarta, Mx to British Columbia. Two week road trip--by myself! It was so freeing. In 2009 I did a month through the interior of the United States--Washington state, Utah, Colorado and Arizona back to Mexico. This year I'm celebrating the release of my story on healing. What do I want to do? Another road trip! "

"For me, fun is all about balance. All work and no play will drive you
insane; but so will all play with no work or greater purpose. My mission
has been to help health-minded people maintain the delicate balance between
living life to the fullest and staying healthy and well enough to have fun
as frequently as possible, and without burning yourself out."

Andrew Bennett,

"Fun is serious business: Ever notice how kids and pets quickly tire of new toys? We are no different. As human beings, we have inherent curiosity and a never-ending desire for new ways to have fun and explore. Some of us may have buried our funny bone under the humdrum of every day life. It's time to let those impulses come back to the surface. Let's play! Our life depends on it!"


"Seeing most everything with a sense of humor is a great way to make life
fun. If you say, we'll probably laugh about this later, why not start
laughing about it *now,* instead of waiting? Seeing most events from a
perspective of humor is great way to put life's setbacks in perspective,
and make life more fun. It's how I live my life!"


"Having fun is essential to positive mental health! Break your routine and
be spontaneous. Everyone can go to a movie, but who buys the Groupon for
airplane lessons? If the most exciting part of your day is choosing a
flavor creamer for your coffee, we have a problem. A little spontaneity can
go a long way towards drumming up fun. Look around for some inspiration and
do something completely new! "

"How good is your sense of humor? Because if it is not, go see a
stand up comedy show or better yet, sign up for stand up comedy class and
be face to face with all your fears, insecurities and all sorts of other
goodness that will come up. And then finally learn to relax, let go, and
not take yourself or anything else in life too seriously."

Kristina Orlova, 

"Surrounding yourself with color raises moods and stimulates great
conversation. Fuse color into your life by adding colorful home decor,
bountiful plants, or brightly hued wardrobe pieces. Colorful eats like
fresh fruits and vegetables, colorfully iced cookies or cakes are also
alluring while satisfying the senses. Sharing these experiences with
others can heighten the experience for everyone!"

Mary Winkenwerder, 

"Fun comes in many different forms. Sometimes the unexpected and unplanned
events in our life are the most fun. Other times you'll work on something
and 99% of it is not fun, and 1% is. I'm a full time musician and sometimes
it's like the latter. Performing and sharing music with others is
exhilarating. But the work that goes into it can be tedious."

Stephen Gibson, 

"Here is a quote from a poet named Ella Wheeler Wilcox...
Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone."

Robert Barrows,

"Fun is a moment to moment thing. It can happen anywhere, anytime, and alone
or with other people. Spontaneously or...
if you want to jump start Fun, a simple smile accompanied with, Let's do
it!, is enough to get the ball rolling.
Meals are a great way to get Fun going: Invite someone for a meal. Ask them
if they'd like to invite anyone themselves. As the group grows, change
venue and time. Show up early and hold court all night long! You'll meet
unexpectedly nice, cool, and Fun people this way. Guaranteed."

Dora Herrera,

"There's nothing more fun than having in depth conversations with old
and new friends about the real issues that we're going through. I go
straight past how are you to learn how my friends are actually feeling
and what they care about. Other people seem to have fun with this too; I've
made so many new friends by just engaging people I meet in real
conversations. It's a bit addicting!"

Masha Evpak,

“The secret to having fun is to not care what anyone thinks or says and just take a deep breath and relax. When you have fun there shouldn’t be any stress or fear involved, it should be unadulterated joy and entertainment.”

Samantha R. Strazanac,

"Tickle that funny bone !: I have fun going to comedy clubs in listening to comics, The vibration of laughter truly last for weeks even months after we see a show."

Cherie Corso, 

"With work being a huge chunk of everyone's life we try to make work at
our office a little bit more fun. Every year we have a big week-long
retreat where we fly in all of our teams from around the country. The
week is spent away from the computers and just bonding and getting to
know each other better. From dinners out, to fishing trips, to BBQs, to
escape rooms, we always have a great time and come back with a ton of
stories that last for years to come. It's an energizing experience and
one I would encourage all employers to try and do if they have the
capacity to."

David Batchelor, 

"Travel is the most exciting way to add more fun in your life! It doesn't have to be long-distance travel, but anywhere different, unique or offering a fresh look at life will do! For many people this is a day trip to a nearby lake or state park while others may take a cruise for the first time. Either way, spend a little time traveling and see the difference in your life's fun factor!"

"How to have more of it in your life: Fun is turning an ordinary conversation into an extraordinary one. Make it a habit to enjoy frozen yogurt or a fruit smoothie while discussing career opportunities with your child. Create memories while parenting and help your child plan for a bright future. "


"The best way to have more fun is to learn to create fun, rather than trying
to find it. Learning to enjoy your own company is a great place to start.
If you don't enjoy being with you, why should anyone else? Great hobbies
also make a big difference. Some great starting points are traveling,
hiking, snorkeling, rock climbing, reading, and blogging. "

Alexis Chateau,

"My kids and I live in San Francisco and we play a game called street tag. We start with each other downtown and we say, Tag, you're it!Then we get louder and tag a stranger with a gentle smile and say, Tag, you're it! Pass it on! Playing tag with strangers in a busy city reminds us that we are all kids at heart and we can have fun no matter our age. "

"What I've found that has brought me the most fun in my life is playing
music. It's easy to get started by learning a few covers, and most people
will have a local bar with an open mic night in it. Whether I'm playing or
listening, being a part of the live music community means that I'm
surrounded by great music in my life, and there's so many festivals to
attend with my friends! You don't have to have a plan to go pro to play
and enjoy music, just get started and see where it takes you. "

photo credit: Camilla Soares <a href="">000138820003</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>
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