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17 Ways to get Energized Throughout Your Day


Looking for ways to energize your life? Want that extra boost in the middle of your day?

We interviewed x people from all walks of life. Their responses were as varied as getting a new hobby, or finding a new love, or implementing meditation into your life. But the general consensus is that no matter how old or how busy you are, finding new energy is very possible.

We hope these quotes will strike a chord with you and help you to energize your life.

"Getting energized: Every day I eat lunch at my office and then take a walk
for 45-60 mins. The walk helps me get energized in many ways- gets me out
of the office and breathing fresh air, stretches my legs helps with sitting
at a desk all day, and it is good for your health. I return to my desk
feeling refreshed and energized, ready to tackle all the challenges of the
afternoon. I find I am more relaxed and focused if I am able to stretch my
legs around midday. "

Chandler Sterling,

I begin my day with movement, meditation and my morning pages. Movement can be anything from a brisk walk on the beach to hitting the gym hard with
a cycling class. Meditation with Tara Brach or 10 minutes of HeadSpace and
Morning Page (from The Artists Way) helps me clear my head for better
thinking and decision making.

Madeline Johnson,

" Magnesium and the B-complex vitamins are excellent examples of energy nutrients, because they activate enzymes that control digestion,
absorption, and the utilization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Magnesium is involved with hundreds of enzymatic reactions throughout the
body, deficiency can affect every aspect of life and cause a score of
symptoms. Of the 700 magnesium-dependent enzymes, the most important enzyme reaction involves the creation of energy by activating adenosine
triphosphate (ATP), the fundamental energy storage molecule of the body.
Magnesium is required for the body to produce and store energy. Without
magnesium there is no energy, no movement, no life. It is that simple.

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND,

"What I do to get re-energized is piano Playing any instrument has been scientifically proven to engage practically every area of the brain at once
especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices so it gets my mental
capacity going again and helps me through my afternoon. Its like a mental
full body workout. It gives me the mental jump start I need to finish my day and gets my creative juices flowing again."

Gene Caballero,

"As an entrepreneurial business owner that works virtually with a team throughout the US, staying energized throughout the day is extremely important. So, first I begin my day with green tea as its a slow release of caffeine with antioxidants that benefit your skin and health positively. When I need energy, I drink water and play an energizing song and move for the duration of the song. I like fast, upbuilding music like, “Let’s Go by Calvin Harris” or “Yeah by Usher.” This alters the mindset positively and gives me the instant energy that I need during the day. "

Tanaha Hairston,

"As a dietitian, I always look to healthy, nutrient dense food to give me a boost of energy when I'm in need. Staying properly fueled throughout the
work day or before engaging in physical activity is very important to
feeling mentally energized. I will usually turn to my super easy and super
healthy snack of choice, which usually ends up being a handful of nuts or
seeds and a piece of fruit like an apple or banana."

Andy De Santis

"I have created a playlist of some of my favorite songs. When I need a boost I play one or two and get crazy, sing loud, dance and move about (even
in the car). When you get your body moving with some good music your mind
will join in and create an energetic state to get you going."

"My day doesn't start until I've had my DIY tea latte. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I still need something to wake up in the morning, so black tea
is perfect. I take it a step farther by adding a splash of almond milk and
a drop of honey for an at-home tea latte. Tiesta Tea. 
Energizers are my morning-must because they're black tea blends that have  the caffeine I need without the crash or jitters of coffee. My go-to is Chai Love. The thought of my Chai Love latte is seriously what gets me out of bed in the morning, and it ends up saving me at least $4 every day since I'm not stopping by a cafe on my way into work. "

Ashley Whitney ,

"Movement, Visual, and olfactory stimulation are key in staying energized from the start of day until the end. Light yoga stretches throughout the
day will help take an edge off stress while allowing you to breathe a great
energy in! Keeping company with brightly colored furniture, clothing and
artwork can brighten the dullest mood into one that is grand. Wearing or
keeping company with the right scent can raise energy levels. Also, choose
a scent that reminds you of something wonderful and keep constant company
with it while energy levels rise!

Mary Winkenwerder,

"Contrary to popular belief, rest and recovery are equally important as exercise in staying in shape (physically and mentally) and cultivating
energy for the body to function optimally; the key is to find a balance
between the two. Qigong (which literally means “energy work”) was developed
as a means of feeding energy back into the body, and works beautifully for
regeneration. One type of Qi gong movement, Primal rocking, works wonders
and is a quick and simple way to acquire energy at any point during the
day, supporting this “yin/yang” balance. "

Diane Solari

"I started a global marketing firm 16 years ago and before that I worked many years in Corporate America and for early stage startups. For me the way to
get energized throughout the day is to get up from behind my desk and walk
around, go take a walk outside if possible or pick up the phone and make a
call to someone who I enjoy talking to (could be for business or pleasure).
I am also a big fan of Tai Chi so sometimes I just do a few moves to get my
chi flowing and that helps too. It is key to get the juices going and for
that to happen you have to jolt your system a bit. They say sitting is the
new smoking so you have to find ways to move. I try to stay away from sugar
or caffeine they never last for long. Better to drink some water & get
moving. Many times when you think you are tired or hungry you are really
just dehydrated so go take a walk to the water cooler it will do you some

Paige Arnof-Fenn,

"Before I start my day, I meditate every morning. I don't my sessions or wrap myself into a pretzel, I just clear my mind and 'zen out' for as
long as feels appropriate before I know that I am complete with it.
After I meditate, I initiate a conversation with my higher power on
things I need to know, or questions about things that I would like
clarification on. I then make myself a protein-filled breakfast and
then perform my workout routine that includes aspects of dance, yoga,
pilates, and ballet, as these are all things I have many years of
experience in. That, an adequate amount of sleep, and honoring my mind,
body, and spirit as much as possible are what keep me energized
everyday. "

Amanda Dobra Hope,

"If I want to make sure I don’t get that afternoon slump I reach for my water bottle and some protein. I always make an effort to drink water because most of us are oftendehydrated! For a quick energy packed snack, that doesn’t require more than a spoon;I will smear some nut butter on a banana. The nut butter gives some good protein and a healthy fat which helpskeep me full and energized."

Amanda Sauceda

"Mindful meditation and breathing are the things that energize me throughout my day. I start my day by meditating--visualizing helps me to focus and
discern what is the best use of my time and energy. Throughout the day,
whenever I feel my energy flagging or stress creeping in, I stop, become
silent, and take three deep, cleansing breaths--repeating the mantra,
Every in-breath is a new beginning, every out-breath a letting go. Then,
as I transition from my work day to my personal day, I meditate
again--celebrating what I achieved that day...and then letting it go so
that I can fully focus and enjoy my family time.


"Here are some of my tips for ways that I personally increase energy throughout the day. 

1. I start the day off with juicing lemon water. This is the first thing I do apon waking. I juice a whole lemon in 16oz of water, and wait 30 minutes until I drink or eat anything else. This helps your body to detox and become more alkaline, and in return increases energy.

2. I take clean, energy boosting vitamins such as camu berry, chlorella and iron to name a few.

3. I drink smoothies, green tea and greens jjuices throughout the day to keep my energy up.

4. I eat raw food like salads, raw nuts, raw veggies and fruit. Raw food has more enzymes which help you digest your food more easily. When you are digesting food you assimilate and absorn nutrition from it in turn increasing your energy output.

5. Take iron supplements or eat iron rich food such as kale and spinach. Iron helps transport oxygen throughout your red blood cells.


"I never ever skip breakfast and try to eat it within the first 30 minutes of waking up. This sets the tone for the entire day and ensures I don't
feel fatigued or have an energy crash or a massive sugar craving
mid-morning. 2-3 hours post lunch, instead of tea/coffee, I eat a fruit to
beat the energy slump. A workout (I try for daily but end up with 4-5
days/week) also helps tremendously in feeling energized.

Tehzeeb Lalani,

"Eat Three Meals a Day with No Snacks. Rehydrate! Boost Digestion. Fresh Air and Yoga. Create a healthy morning routine. Sleep at proper times. Avoid caffeine."


"The best thing people can do to boost their energy throughout the day is to take 3 or 5 1 minute to 2 minute breaks a day. The focus of these pauses
it focus on what YOU personally like and is significant to you. For
example, If you are a new mother or father look at pictures of the new
born, if you like cars watch videos of cars or anything else that brings
you happiness. Limit it to no more than 2 minutes, so you can focus on the
tasks/job that needs to be done.*

Vernon L. Brown


photo credit: Asian Development Bank 37078-013: Power Transmission and Distribution Project in Afghanistan via photopin (license)

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